Color Doppler USB Probe


·DW-SUC3 3.5Mhz Convex

·DW-SUC5 7.5Mhz Linear

·DW-SUC6 10.0Mhz Linear(PICC)

Simple, fast and precise in the critical moment

Tough, secure, and built for self-service


·Point-of-care diagnostic tools

·Remote support system to share, read images and videos

·Power Doppler, a good tool for visual precision medical tools and quick first aid screening

·Wide application: Clinic, First Aid, Emergency, Patrol, Ward Round, Bedside, ICU, Patient Room,etc

  • Independent research and development
  • Strict quality inspection
  • Connected directly through the USB port
  • 360°adjustable support
  • Used for preliminary screening
Rich clinical application:

Application to:abdomen, uterine attachment, superficial tissue and other clinical tests.