Details of Ultrasound


To facilitate ovum pick up and also post pick up monitoring of ovarian and follicular changes

Display mode

B ,B/B, B/M, M, CFM, Quality LED monitor, Alpa numeric keyboard, Color Doppler flow imaging, pulse wave Doppler, Full screen mode, 15 inch LED Tiltable Monitor Screen

Probes and frequency

Range approx. 2.0MHz to 12.0MHz.

Endo-Rectal probe: 6.0 to 10.0MHz

Endo-vaginal probe: 4.5 to 9.0MHz, with metal needle guide and other accessories

Cine loop




General Measurement

Abdominal, obstetric, urological measurement, Doppler measurement

Software packages

Dog, Cat, Bovine, Equine, and Ovine.


Archives Management

Built-in 128GB SSD, Internal image storage more than 100000 images, video composite, DC output

Power supply and batteries back up

Built-in large capacity lithium battery, for 3hrs continuous operation

Output ports

USB port *2

Other features

Portable and batteries back up, suitable trolley, robust and handy, very good image quality and facilitate better image interpretation.

  • Independent research and development
  • Windows7
  • 15'High-LCD Monitor
  • Real time three-dimensional imaging

Endo Vaginal probes with OPU needle and other accessories details

Probes and its quality

The endo-vaginal probe is light in weight and instant needle visualization, needle track in the middle of the screen (graduated biopsy line) and capacity to visualize 2mm follicle, length of cable is 2 meter, compatible with supplied ultrasound

Needle guide

Metal needle guide, needle bushing with accurate guidance. Provision to mount disposable oocyte aspiration needles compatible for cow and heifers

Other features

Ready to use and ease in cleaning and disinfection, easy and quick assembly, whole assembly suitable for cow and heifers


Three years to USG machine, probes and other important accessories

Local distributor in India and Asia Pacific area (for veterinary ultrasound section)
Global Technology Solutions LLC
Address: B2/82, JANAKPURI, NEW DELHI, INDIA 110058
Contact person: Gagrin Singh