Professional Palm Full-Digital veterinary ultrasound system

Main Features:

·2D image

·5.6 inch LED HD display

·Various of pseudo color display

·Winter mode:one key to start the winter mode

·HD video playback and Image storage function

·Large capacity Lithium-ion battery(more than 6 hours)

·Drop-resistant soft rubber body, Display plus explosion-proof glass

·USB, TF card ports for convenient and fast image storage and playback

  • Independent research and development
  • Strict quality inspection
  • 5.6'High-LCD Monitor
  • 4-5Hours
  • Winter model
Application to:

large animals such as cows, horses, and sheep, as well as pets such as cats and dogs, abdomen, and obstetrics.

Probe Optional:

·Basement probe

·Convex probe

·linear array probe

·Veterinary micro-convex probe

·Veterinary trans-rectal probe