Service Policy

We provides you with 12-24 months free repair guarantee for main unit, 12 months free repair guarantee for probe and 6 months free repair guarantee for the optional parts respectively.

Within the free repair period, our agent in your country will be responsible to repair the simple and common problem that may arise in the products. If the damaged products cannot be repaired by our agent, they will ship the damaged parts to us to evaluate if the problem is manufacturing defect. If the damaged products or parts are caused by manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace them with new one and ship them to our agent. The freight cost for shipment from our agent to us will be paid by our agent. The freight cost for shipment from us to our agent should be paid by us.

You will bear all the cost of repair and maintenance after the expiry of guarantee period and if the damage is caused by man.

• Please provide us with the following information when such after-sales service is needed:
1. The serial No. of the product.
2. The Warranty Card
3. Your detailed information


Warranty Policy

At DAWEI, we give warrants to our customers. The medical products we provide are free from any defects or deficiencies either in their design or in the material that is used. The warranties cover both medical equipments themselves and their spare parts.

The following items are excluded from the warranty:

1.Any damage that results from operation other than specified in the operator’s manual, either intentionally or by error, through repair or by maintenance by anyone other than a DAWEI Service Representative or an authorized DAWEI representative.

2.Any damage which results from negligence or malpractice of the periodic maintenance specified by DAWEI.

3.Any situations where the original DAWEI’s serial number label or product identification markings have been altered or removed

4.Consumable materials specified in service manuals, including but not limited to paper, electrode, disposable or one-off materials, sampling materials, or adapter, filter, lamp and probe.

5.Any damage resulting from improper storage or transport.

6.Any products of any other medical equipment manufacturer.



Product Design Patent

Medical Equipment Registration Certificate

Business License of Juridical Person