After-sale process Solution measures
Fault repair call: 15262008042 0516-82388866
  • 1
    1.Professional service personnel receive phone calls, offer solutions to the failure situation, important faults need to be discussed and discussed.
  • 2
    Professional staff discuss whether the telephone can solve the problem of arranging professional maintenance personnel to the site maintenance.
  • 3
    3.Professional maintenance staff door service.
  • 4
    4.Professional staff should return phone calls to users within 3 days and maintain long-term communication.
  • 5
    Professional technical service personnel telephone to provide guidance to solve the problem.
  • 6
    Professional staff should return phone calls to users within 3 days, consult the usage situation, and maintain a long-term communication return visit.
  • 7
    7.Relieve the failure, users use the device normally.
After-sales service commitment letter.
  • 1
    The DaWei products are guaranteed free of charge for 24 months from the date of purchase.
  • 2
    Warranty period outside, lifelong maintenance.
  • 3
    To be responsible for the user training personnel's proficiency in the instrument.
  • 4
    Any maintenance calls within 24 hours will have a response.
After-sales service response time

In Xuzhou, customers within the area of nearly 1,000 kilometers, maintenance personnel come to the door within 48 hours; customers in areas beyond 1000 kilometers, repair service personnel in place within the agreed time limit.

Customer Service Department:0086-516-67017630
Sales service department:0086-13305210935
B-ultrasonic faults and simple fault handling
Turn on the power switch, the display does not respond, the indicator does not light.
  Check whether the external power cable is plugged in, whether the socket voltage is normal, whether the power switch is in the on state, whether the fuse is burned out, and whether the switching power supply has related voltage outputs.
Turn on the power switch, the indicator light is on the display without any display.
  Brightness, contrast potentiometer is adjusted to minimum.
Turn on the power switch. The display is bright, with characters, fans, and no echo.
  Check the contrast potentiometer, total gain potentiometer, and 8 gain to minimize.
Turn on the power switch. The indicator light is on, the display is on, and there are no characters or sectors.
   Check whether the display brightness and contrast potentiometer are in place.
The panel does not work when it works normally after power-up (only the reset button works).

   When the work is normal, the panel will not work (only the reset button will work). First, see if the panel indicator light is on, and whether the key is stuck (as long as there is any one key to be controlled by the card panel).

When the camera works normally after power on, the image signal is weak.
The image signal is weak when working normally after starting up. 8 TGC regulation, total gain and contrast are normal.
When the camera is operating normally after turning on, the display image signal has black lines and black bars.

 Check to see if the probe is inserted.

When working normally after starting up, there is interference.
  Please connect the ground wire to check whether there is a strong instrument in the vicinity of the instrument, which interferes with the instrument, network interference, and find the interference device on the power grid to shut it down.
If there is a problem with the probe
Please replace it with the same type of probe, and pay attention to the probe to be light, anti-vibration and moisture proof.
It is forbidden to insert, pull, pick and probe in the state of boot.
  It is forbidden to insert, pull, pick and probe in the state of boot.