What is a greyscale measure of the two-dimensional image of a beast

Source:DaWei Date:2017-06-19

  Will a veterinary ultrasound machine digital image as a two-dimensional array, the array can be a variety of computer processing, the veterinary ultrasound machine images appear dry has the strange effect; The pixel count for this array is available for all the parameters we need.
What is a greyscale measure of the two-dimensional image of a beast
  The measurements of pixels, in the processing of computer images, are measured in pixels. For example, the length is calculated by multiplying the number of pixels between two points of pixels and the length of the unit represented by the pixels. And the unit length of the pixels is determined by the units of the dimensions that the animal USES in the image. When veterinary ultrasound machine is given in the image dimension is the distance, through to the veterinary ultrasound machine to distance of two points on the image scaling, each pixel can be got by the said unit length.
  Similarly, veterinary ultrasound machine image is given on the dimensional acceleration, can be calculated by scaling unit acceleration, each pixel represents to pixel points of any two points, the acceleration value is. The calculation of an area or a spectral integral is the sum of the pixels in a region, multiplied by the unit dimensions per pixel.
  Measurement of grayscale, computer image processing is the most brilliant area defined as the lightest area in the image of a B supermachine, which is 255, 256 gray-scale. The measure of grayness is the gray class measurement of pixels within a certain region, and the resulting grey value is the average of pixels in the region. The color image analyzer with a B supermachine has a grey scale function, which is the darkest area for each animal in the grey area of the B supermachine, and the brightest area is 255. Therefore, the gray-scale values measured by the analyzer are comparable. Dynamic observation of gray order values in an area in real time may help to check certain diseases.