The animal USES B supermachine maintenance

Source:DaWei Date:2017-06-14

  In many parts of the north, there will be a lot of large farms, during the process of many livestock to do a good job of disease prevention and detection is very important, among them, the veterinary ultrasound machine equipment plays an important role, mainly used for livestock pregnancy test, the number of embryos, and other disease detection, etc. We must master the correct way of using the machine when using the B supermachine, and you will also be aware of the knowledge of the maintenance of the animal's B supermachine.
The animal USES B supermachine maintenance
  What happens when we have a problem with the use of a B supermachine? Veterinary ultrasound machine maintenance is very important, in the after each use of veterinary ultrasound machine, you must do B ultrasonic instrument maintenance and inspection work, by b-type ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus of various parts and components, and as a professional engineering and technical people in the conduct of a type of b-type ultrasonic diagnostic instrument maintenance, you must first understand the type of the instrument system composition and working principle of the circuit.
  In the maintenance process of veterinary ultrasound machine, encounter failure, you must first find the cause of the problem, and then take corresponding measures, you must be checked before each use after the probe and the power cord is connected in good condition, for storage of veterinary ultrasound machine must be kept clean and tidy environment, the temperature is too high, the working environment temperature + 10 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ relative humidity 30% ~ 75% atmospheric pressure of 70 kpa to 106 kpa.
  In addition, the veterinary ultrasound machine in the process of transportation, ultrasound probe is precious and fragile parts must pay special attention to, to should take put down gently, not too hard in ultrasound probe fall, will cause great influence, and according to the use of seasonal characteristics need to pay special attention to the following season. Generally in summer is hot season, you must pay attention to the instrument using the environment temperature not too high, too high temperature will affect the service life of the veterinary ultrasound machine, instrument malfunction.