What is the difference between a color supermachine and a B supermachine

Source:DaWei Date:2017-06-12

  Among many large comprehensive hospitals and local hospitals, especially in hospital of the application of pa/machine and ultrasound machine is relatively broad, mainly used in the diagnosis of female gynecological disease and pregnancy. Colour to exceed machine and ultrasound machine is a common clinical attention, equipment regular check for pregnant baby, growth of observation period, so, do you know what colour to exceed machine and ultrasound machine in addition to the colour and what's the difference?
What is the difference between a color supermachine and a B supermachine
  Colour to exceed machine and ultrasound machine are common clinical attention, equipment and colour to exceed refers to high-definition black-and-white ultrasound combined with color doppler with two-dimensional images, is divided into the two dimensional colour to exceed, and the three dimensional colour to exceed, can see the 3 d of the fetus of pregnant women images, especially the action of fetal movements, the fetus, before and after the left and right sides, top and bottom can be seen, and accurate images more clear, more comprehensive.
  Colour to exceed, and the difference between black and white ultrasound is not just a color, also has the function of the blood flow and blood vessels for newborn infants and young children can view the heart pulse tube, and the development of the baby's heart is normal, in late pregnancy can also detect whether fetuses with umbilical cord around the neck, etc., all need to use the function of the colour to exceed.
  You will find that in many small hospitals, township hospitals use of black and white ultrasound frequency is higher, and the colour to exceed function more complete, the application scope is more extensive, the diagnosis of more widespread. And the black and white B has only one probe, mainly used to detect abdominal cavity, and the color has three probes, which can be diagnosed in all parts of the body. Colorful images are more discerning, and the thyroid, breast, parotid, and testicles are all used in color. Among them, the malignant diagnosis of lumps is extremely valuable, and abdominal examination, such as tumor, obstructive jaundice, cirrhosis, ectopic pregnancy, etc. Some cases do not require accurate diagnosis, and use black and white is enough.